Faith · Joy · Trials

My hands are full. Full of good things, and full of hard things.

Maybe yours are too.

I write with faith in a God who can carry us

through both our joys and our trials.

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Book announcement

I love the shape this new book is taking, and it’s my hope and prayer that—through both stories and Scripture—it will encourage many to live for Christ in the middle of their stories, even and especially the hard parts.

Each Child Needs to Hear “I Love You”

One at a time, holding back tears, I whispered the same three words into the delicately crafted ears of each child that day on the beach: “I love you.” I wanted to make sure each of them heard, each of them knew.

Motherhood Is a Call to Suffer (in Hope)

The pain experienced in labor and delivery (or the adoption process) is only a foretaste of the particular suffering a mother endures. But I’ve learned something else: God’s Word is sufficient for the particular suffering of moms.