Faith · Joy · Trials

My hands are full. Full of good things, and full of hard things.

Maybe yours are too.

I write with faith in a God who can carry us

through both our joys and our trials.

Latest from the Blog

Remember Jehosheba

If you’re feeling discouraged, uncertain, or confused; if you’re wondering how God is going to keep his promises in your situation; if you’re perplexed about what God is doing and why—then remember Jehosheba.

I Want a Magic Button but God Offers Something Better

Some nights I wish I could press a magic button and my children would be in pajamas with their teeth brushed and fast asleep…If I’m honest, some days I want to push that button and clock out even earlier…Seasons of parenting—of life too—can be like that.

Cast Your Cares Because God Cares

As I lie in bed, I feel depleted. Empty. Too tired to be articulate or pray anything lengthy, I begin to cast my cares, one at a time, simply and specifically. I imagine a vast expanse of water in front of me…

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