Faith · Joy · Trials

My hands are full. Full of good things, and full of hard things.

Maybe yours are too.

I write with faith in a God who can carry us

through both our joys and our trials.

Latest from the Blog

Why I Downplay Homeschooling Even Though I Value It

Though as Christian parents we all have a biblical responsibility to train our children, how this plays out differs greatly from one family to another. And, in all areas of life, we need to be on guard against elevating something we personally value to first importance.

Five Months and 318 Miles

My sister had just found out she was expecting her first baby when I saw her last winter. When I wondered and guessed and outright asked if she was pregnant. When we giggled and wept and hugged in the car. And then lockdown.

The Glad Surrender

What do you want from the Lord, and what does he ask of you today? Does it feel as if it is too much—or maybe too little?

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