Faith · Joy · Trials

My hands are full. Full of good things, and full of hard things.

Maybe yours are too.

I write with faith in a God who can carry us

through both our joys and our trials.

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Giving Thanks at COVID House

God, who repeatedly declares and demonstrates his love through Christ for his children, acts in our circumstances in the way that is most loving, even when it doesn’t make sense or seem to agree with our definition, understanding, or interpretation of love.

What John Piper Has Taught Me about Motherhood and Suffering

God has used John Piper to teach me three truths related to motherhood and suffering that have given me great hope in my sorrow. The first is that we will suffer as mothers. That reality would be devastating apart from God’s promise that our pain as his children will not be wasted. Not only does God offer us future hope; his Word also sustains us in our suffering.

Presence Matters in Motherhood

So much of motherhood is about presence, not performance. It’s about being present with and for our children in a thousand moments that make up their early years and beyond.