God Is Still Good

Gospel Hope and Comfort for the Unexpected Sorrows of Motherhood

“Katie Faris shows us that parenting is not a pain-free experience, nor should that be our goal; it is a deep dependency on Christ. His strength is made perfect in weakness, and he is forming us through our grief and painful parenting experiences. Be encouraged: the gospel does indeed offer hope, comfort, and purpose in our journey.”

Julie E. Lowe, Counselor and Faculty Member, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation

Hi! I’m Katie.

My hands are full.  Full of good things and full of hard things. Maybe yours are too. As a pastor’s wife and mom to five, I write with faith in a God who can carry us through both our joys and our trials.

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Ten Go-to Bible Verses for Moms

Here are ten go-to Bible verses that have sustained me in both mundane and profound moments of motherhood. You can also download them as a free printable.

God Knows Mother’s Day Is Hard

God knows Mother’s Day is hard for you or someone you love, and I want to remind you: God sees your tears. He hears your prayers. He hasn’t forgotten you. And nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate you from God’s love.

Launching a Book Is a Team Effort

Launching a book is a team effort, and God Is Still Good has been no exception. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful people who have linked arms to get it into the hands of the women it will serve. You included.