Loving My Children

Biblical love is more than a feeling. I learned early on that it takes more than love at first sight to persevere through the trials and temptations of motherhood. God used the process of writing my book Loving My Children: Embracing Biblical Motherhood  to teach me more about what it means to love children in light of his love for us in Christ. I’m so grateful for how God used Bible study and the examples of godly women to help me embrace Christ-like love for my family.

I wrote this book before three of my children were diagnosed with a rare genetic condition. God knew I would need it. Through it, I learned to apply the gospel and doctrines of grace to motherhood, giving me solid ground to stand on when everything else seemed to shake.

I’m still in the trenches with little ones, and the truths I learned while writing continue to impact how I think about God, parenting, and children–every day. I hope my book does the same for you.

You can download a free study guide on my resource page.

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