Loving My Children

Biblical love is more than a feeling, and it takes more than love at first sight to persevere through the trials and temptations of motherhood. Through the process of writing Loving My Children: Embracing Biblical Motherhood, God taught me more about his love for his children—demonstrated in the gospel of Jesus Christ—and how that love informs and transforms how I love my own children. Studying the Bible and examples of godly women for this book prepared me to embrace Christ-like love for my family in a way I didn’t see coming.

I wrote the manuscript before three of my children were diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, and I’m so grateful for how God used it to equip me to apply the gospel and doctrines of grace to motherhood, giving me solid ground to stand on when everything else in our home seemed to shake.

The material has been taught several times to the moms in my church, and it was published and made available for broader use in 2015. I love hearing from women who are reading and studying Loving My Children together! You can download a free study guide on my resource page.

I’m still in the trenches with little ones, and the truths I learned while writing continue to impact how I think about God, parenting, and children—every day. I hope my book does the same for you.

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“In this gem of a book, our friend Katie Faris winsomely shares biblical wisdom on seeking the best for the children God has loaned us. Sweet but not sentimental, direct but not demanding, Loving My Children helpfully connects the Bible’s teaching on grace, sovereignty, and sanctification to the everyday hard work of being a mom. Heather and I highly recommend it.”

-Matthew C. Mitchell, author, Resisting Gossip ; lead pastor of Lanse Evangelical Free Church in Pennsylvania

“As Katie Faris clearly states in the first pages of her new book, Loving My Children: ‘The best way that we can love our children is by passing on the Gospel to them.’ (p. 21-22) After affirming the centrality of the Gospel to our parenting efforts, Faris lays out three important ways to do this: directly instructing our children in the truth of the Gospel, cultivating a love for the Gospel in our own hearts, and praying for our children. (p. 23)

“In the course of her warm and well-written book, Faris explains the importance of a Gospel-centered marriage, and exhorts her readers to see their children as the blessing the Bible says they are. (Three of Faris’s children have a rare genetic disease, and she does not speak lightly of the sacrifice children require and the temptation to consider them “burdens.”)

“Furthermore, Faris presses readers to confess and forsake their own sin–‘What is the greatest hindrance to loving my children?’ she writes. ‘I am.’ (p. 74)–and she equips them to deal wisely and graciously with their children’s sin through discipline.

“But perhaps my favorite chapter was the one Faris titled: ‘What Does Doctrine Have to Do with Being a Mom?’ In it, she explains how trusting in God’s sovereignty and providential care for mothers can bring contentment and joy–even in the most difficult days. Faris writes, ‘despite your very real weaknesses, God has a great and specific purpose for you being the mother of your children, and he will be faithful to his purpose and plan both for your life and the lives of any children with whom he blesses you.’ (p. 69)

“And in the midst of competing messages about being a mom, Faris ultimately affirms that ‘Loving my children isn’t about whether I breastfeed or bottle-feed. It’s not about whether or not I let my daughter eat refined sugar before she’s two, or she never gets to eat sugar at all. It’s not even about whether I choose to homeschool, enroll my child in a public school or send him or her to a private school. These decisions and the convictions behind them are important, but they’re not the Gospel.’ (p. 22)

“That is something we would all do well to remember.”

-Megan Hill, author, Praying Together and A Place to Belong; editor, The Gospel Coalition

“This book is insightful, encouraging, and rich in Gospel truth! Katie writes with a warmth and honesty that makes you feel like you’re talking with a good friend who is right there in the trenches with you. This is the type of book you’ll want to pick up when you’re struggling with the simultaneous monotony and chaos of motherhood. It will leaving you feeling freshly envisioned and encouraged for the hard but joyous work of raising children. A must read for every mom!”

-Amy DiMarcangelo, blogger at Equipped for Mercy