He Will Be Enough Around the Web 6.10.22

He Will Be Enough released last week, and I’m so grateful to the many people who helped spread the word! With more to come, here’s a collection of articles, reviews, interviews, and resources published alongside my new book:


Motherhood Adventures: In Christ, We’re Perfectly Packed at Risen Motherhood

What Do I Do When I’m Perplexed at The Good Book blog

Joy in Suffering at The Good Book blog

God Holds You on Your Hardest Days at Proverbs31 Ministries

Bringing God Our Questions When We Don’t Know What to Ask at Revive Our Hearts

How to Handle the Why Questions at Servants of Grace

Praying for Our Children at Diagnosis: Part 1 at Chronic Joy

Is It OK to Ask God ‘Why?’ at Crosswalk

Reviews and Interviews

He Will Be Enough – with Katie Faris with Bethany Barendregt at Women Encouraged

He Will Be Enough: Katie Faris Talks with Us About Her New Book with James Maidment-Fullard at TWR-UK

The Sufficiency of God’s Grace for Every Day with Dave Jenkins at Equipping You in Grace

Book Review: He Will Be Enough by Katie Faris with Matt Mitchell at the Hot Orthodoxy blog

Author Interview with Katie Faris at Praying Through Ministries

Seeing the Lord’s True Character Through Our Suffering at Mornings with Carmen LaBerge


5-Day Devotional: Finding God’s Grace in Our Suffering at YouVersion

Free Extras: Bible Memory Worksheets and Reflection Questions at The Good Book Company