Free Printable Truth & Lie Chart

In God Is Still Good: Gospel Hope & Comfort for the Unexpected Sorrows of Motherhood, I share how lies so often travel with us on our difficult motherhood roads. These could be lies about our trials, God’s character and ways, or even ourselves. And if we want to experience God’s hope instead of succumbing to temptation and sin, we need to be on guard, recognize our enemy’s lies, and fight them with biblical truth. One way I’ve learned to do this is to create a truth and lie chart like the one I describe in my book.

My publisher kindly adapted this chart, creating a beautiful PDF download that you may print for free. It includes ten truths for moms like me to cling to on our difficult days. To reassure us of God’s love. To encourage us that he is at work in our trials. To remind us of what the Bible says is true when our feelings and circumstances and the lies in our heads tempt us to think and believe otherwise.

You’re invited to print this chart and put it where you will see it often. Share it with a friend or moms’ group. Pass it out to parents when they pick up their children from Sunday School or the church nursery. My hope is that these ten truths point many moms to the goodness of Christ and the gospel hope and comfort he offers. 👇