New article on Sinful Comparison

“While comparison itself can be neutral, a simple lining up of the similarities and differences between things or people, our sin-infected hearts make it all about us. All we have to do is notice another woman’s body shape, relationship status, career or ministry success, or the size of her home, and we’re at risk of wanting what she has that we don’t—or feeling proud that we have what she doesn’t. Instead of celebrating what God has given, too often, we flip His blessings into sources of dissatisfaction. …

“When sinful comparison rears its ugly head, remember that you don’t have to be better or have better, or feel ashamed or embarrassed when you don’t, but that Jesus is better than it all. Consider the redemption and reconciliation He bought for you. Speak truth to your soul, repeating that your worth and value are found in Christ and what He accomplished for you on the cross, not in anything you have or anything you do, even good things you do in His name.”

I’m grateful for the opportunity to write for Servants of Grace this week. Click to read the full article.